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Lincoln Ink Supply System




  • Lincoln’s tailored system solutions for supplying ink to your presses. Increases the productivity of both your presses and your company. Whether the supply is from cartridges, tins, interchangeable casks or larger drums for tank systems – Lincoln has the solution


  • Lincoln has decade-long experiences in designing and manufacturing pump systems for highly viscous media such as offset ink.


  • For more than 30 years now, these pump systems have been used in the market with great success, whereby especially the pumps for offset ink applications have been completely reworked recently.


  • Special features of these pumps are their robustness and reliability as well as their ease of maintenance and service.







 Features of the new ink pumps:


.  Modern design

.  Robust layout

.  Durable and reliable

.  Ease of servicing and handling thanks to metric system

.  Special seals for the respective application

.  Pumps can be started directly with 220 V

.  Stroke frequency monitoring and determination of the output

.  Worldwide spare parts dealer network